Corn Snake

The corn snake

Welcome to, a website absolutely dedicated to one of our favourite and most widely appreciated exotic pets snakes. Here you will find a wealth of information written by both hobbyists and enthusiast, discussing the captive care of corn snakes and their genetics. Articles include corn snake care, feeding, habitats, baby corn snakes, breeding corn snakes and morph genetics. There is also a fantastic corn snake picture gallery where you can even submit your own corn snake pictures and show them off to the world.

About corn snakes

Corn snakes are a medium sized snake and have been popular in the pet trade for many years. With a very docile and easy to tame temperament, corn snakes feel at comfort with any caring owner who provides regular handling and attention. Corn snakes are actually a member of a common snake family called Colubridae, which also includes the stunning King Snakes, Milk Snakes and Garter Snakes, among a massive two thirds of all the snakes on earth. They are medium sized, non-venomous constrictors that are most active around dusk in habitats including the fields and woodlands of eastern United States, from southern New Jersey south through Florida, west into Louisiana and parts of Kentucky.

Corn snakes are one of the most popular reptiles in the pet trade; and for good reason. Not only are they easy to care for and maintain, but corn snakes are extremely docile and love to be handled. A huge part of their popularity is down to the massive variety of corn snake morphs, producing a wide variety of colours and patterns. This is mostly down to how easy they are to breed in captivity, a very rewarding process that can be enjoyed by any responsible keeper

So why do corn snakes make great pets?

  • Corn snakes are a very docile and easy to tame temperament. They feel at home with any caring owner who pays their corn snake regular attention and handles often.
  • Con snakes rarely bite and so are safe around children with appropriate supervision.
  • They are a beautiful species that come in a huge variety of colours patterns and morphs.
  • Corn snakes are very easy to care for and require only water and spot cleaning on a regular basis.
  • Feeding corn snakes is done usually about once per week or fortnight, however this involves handling dead mice or rats.
  • Corn Snakes apply a certain amount of interest in people as they are not your typical domesticated pet. Everyone has a cat, but you can have a snake!
  • Although it might be initially quite expensive when buying a corn snake and its habitat they are usually cheap to maintain and feed.
  • Corn snakes are quite a hardy species of snake and with proper care and attention they are unlikely to get ill. They do not have common genetic illnesses or difficult traits like some other species.
  • Corn snakes can live up to about 15 to 20 years with appropriate care, meaning that your pet will be with you for a long time, giving you many years of enjoyment and interest.